Month: February 2018

Cracking The Screen Part 1

Last week I wrote a nice, tasty article about some real game application of advanced screening, found-  here. So today, I’m going to treat you guys to some common methods of cracking those pesky screens. Naturally, if screening is one of the fundamental pillars of…

Facebook Live RTT

Hey guys! Tomorrow I’ll be going to an RTT at my local store The Only Game In Town. Some big names like Sean Nayden and Kurt Clauss will be there too!

Bro, Do You Even Screen?

Hello Internet! I’m back again with a whole new topic I’d like to beat to death: screening. I really cannot stress enough how important screening is. It’s literally the most important tactic you can employ in competitive 40k. If you’re sitting there at home…

The List Doctor Graduates Med School

Hello again everyone! I can’t thank you all enough for the wonderful positivity and feedback I’ve gotten for all the work I’ve been putting out. It really is motivating and inspiring and makes it all worth it.  Additionally I’d like to thank you all…

Goals Aren’t Just for Soccer Part 2

This article is part 2 of my incredibly lengthy 2-part series on setting goals. Just in case you missed part 1, or you just want to reread it because it was just that good, you can find it here.  In my previous article, I discussed…

The List Doctor Has Arrived

Every Monday I will be taking a list submission from a random person and doing a total review of their list and posting it to The Brown Magic. Today I did a list review for Devin and his Daemons/DG list. His core concepts can…

Interview from the Frontline

Hey guys! We’re interrupting our normally scheduled program of periodic napping and eating on Sundays to bring you a special interview. Last week I was interviewed by the man, the myth, the legend, Reece Robbins: The guy who runs Frontline Gaming and LVO. Check…

The Road to ITC Champion

What better way to help you guys become better at 40k than by sharing my real life success story!  Grab some beer and popcorn, sit back and relax as I tell you the tale of how I became the ITC 2017 circuit winner.

What is The Brown Magic

It’s finally time folks! I, Nick Nanavati, the Hunter of Trolls, King of Finlandia, Champion of Adepticon, Breaker of Models, Drinker of Drinks, and Lord of 40k, am here to help you git gud.

Goals Aren’t Just for Soccer Part 1

Want to learn the mentality of how to set goals for yourself? Nick Brown has got you covered!