The List Doctor Graduates Med School

Hello again everyone!

I can’t thank you all enough for the wonderful positivity and feedback I’ve gotten for all the work I’ve been putting out. It really is motivating and inspiring and makes it all worth it.  Additionally I’d like to thank you all for providing feedback so I can work to improve the site. Believe me, your voices are being heard!

The List Doctor service I launched earlier this week took off with flying colors, and shattered all my demand forecasting plans!

Upon a lot of consideration and contemplation I’ve decided to restructure the pricing plan for the list doctor.

One of the primary things I’ve noticed in reviewing all these lists is that the variety of help people need varies dramatically.  I’ve had people send me lists in the past couple days which need a complete redo, and others which just need some minor tweaks. Furthermore, I’ve had people message me about setting up some sort of system where I help them more personally in more than just list building.  With all that in mind along with the unexpectedly high demand for this service I present the new pricing structure.


Level 1: List Doctor Basic- This is the lowest and cheapest form of list doctor. This is more of a list evaluation of sorts. I’ll look at all your list choices and specifications you set (such as wanting to stick to pure ad mech for example) and improve on areas where I can. If I feel a unit could be better replaced by something else this is where I’d suggest that. Similarly, it there are some upgrades I feel are extraneous, or that you don’t have but you really should this is the place for that. I recommend this level for someone who is familiar with the tournament scene and moderately experienced. If you have a list that you think has a lot of the right ideas but isn’t quite refined this is for you.

Level 1 Price: $4.99 per list

Level 2: List Doctor Premium– This is the medium level of list doctor. This is more of a list consultation than an evaluation. Here you can expect a lengthier/more in depth view of the list and the choices you made. Depending on the level of player I’m helping I will either offer a rewritten list here, presenting a lot of different ideas and basic strategies for how it should all work together. Or I will offer specific potentially problematic situations which may need to be addressed for competitive play, and I will give some suggestions for how to work around those issues.  This is for people who are either beginners, or just have no idea where to even start with a new army, and want a strong shell of a list as a starting point to help them grow, or for more solid tournament players who are looking to perfect their list.

Level 2 Price: $9.99 per list

Level 3: List Doctor Private Session- This is the highest level of list doctor available. This is actually a 25 minute phone or skype call with me where we can talk about a list you want help with, my thoughts on how to play your list better, or specific advice on certain match ups. This is as personalized as it gets, and there’s really no limit on how basic or advanced the calls can get. This is really for anyone, beginners to GT winners to ETC players who just want to better understand their army and 40k in general.  There are a limited number of available time slots for these, so be sure to reserve yours fast!

Level 3 Price $19.99 for 25 minutes

If you are interested in purchasing any level of List Doctor service please email and I will be in touch.

*Disclaimer* I am in no way guaranteeing that a list I help with will win you a GT or earn a certain placing at an event. Nor am I guaranteeing that any amount of list help will 100% guarantee you a win in a specific game. There are many external factors which I cannot control, and I cannot be held responsible for that.


9 Comments on “The List Doctor Graduates Med School

  1. How much for you to play in my name? 😉 JK.

    I am in the painting stage of my eldar army and was wondering if it was possible for me to send you a list of my models and we go from there? So I know if there are any models I need to get or move up in my painting age.

  2. Absolutely Asty, Go ahead and send me an email at with a list of all the models you have available, and I’d be happy to help you come up with a list from it. That would classify as a mid-tier service but we can discuss all that privately.

  3. Hey Nick, just wondering how long would it take you to go through a list ? Or how many days in advance should i give you my list before say a torney ? Assuming ur getting more and more list by the day

    • Hey Luke, in general I’m trying to stay on top of the list queue but it all depends on demand. Currently I’m at the point where I’ll get a list to you the same day if you’re lucky, the next day most likely, and 2 days at the latest. If you were planning to go to a tournament this weekend and got me the list by early tomorrow morning (I’m on EST) I could get the list back to you by tomorrow night realistically. I’m definitely small enough right now where I can try to make some accommodations for deadlines. If you wanted a level 3 premium skype call list review I could make it work as well, but it’d really depend on your availability as well.

  4. Hi nick, congrats first off on becoming itc champ and the lvo. Secondly it’s pretty cool giving back to the community. Would I pay by Paypal if I did. I have a thousand sons list/s im interested in taking to a local tourney. I have playtested one out by proxying the models and though I won I didn’t learn anymore about the list than I already knew and there are elements I’m not sure about the lists. A fresh and new perspective would be great.

    • Yup, right now I’m accepting payments through paypal. You can email me at and we can discuss which option you’d like along with any other details. I’m happy to help!

  5. I just got my list review this evening. Very interesting, a brand new idea to try out. Looking forward to my next game

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