Upcoming Content!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to stop in and give you guys a better idea of my schedule for the upcoming future involving my 40k content.

Tomorrow 3/13 I’ll be releasing my second and final part on the dice mitigation series.

Thursday 3/15 I’ll actually be doing a piece covering the Tau codex, and give my initial thoughts and review on that.

Tuesday 3/20 I’ll be presenting my Adepticon list in its final form and go over some key ideas for how I expect to do and some of my thoughts on match ups.

Thursday 3/22-Sunday 3/25 I’ll be at Adepticon, so it’s very likely I won’t post an article. But I will be doing some facebook live action, so be sure to check that out.

Upon my return I may give an Adepticon recap depending on how it goes. After that, i was to transition back to some technical pieces like the screening and breaking the screen articles. I also will be giving codex reviews for Necrons and DE as they come out.

Lastly, after Adepticon I’ll be planning to really get the ball rolling on video battle reports and things of that nature.

A lot of good stuff out on the horizon, so stay tuned!

3 Comments on “Upcoming Content!

  1. Looking forward to the classes. Feels like going through college courses for 40k, but with toy soldiers.!


  2. Super pumped for the atau review; I’ve been having a lot of fun with the new codex! Will it be unit by unit? That would be awesome!


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