And the Adepticon Winning List Is…

Hey Everyone, tomorrow I’ll be flying off to Chicago for Adepticon!

This year is going to be especially exciting for me as I’ll be teaching two 40k tactics classes Wednesday night. Be sure to grab a ticket and stop by. I will also be using these classes as a testing arena for a new service I’ll be offering personally, which will consist of both group and private classes. Truly exciting times lying ahead.

Aside from that I’ll be going for singles to attempt my 5th victory of the Adepticon Championships. I’m sure many of you have been wondering what exactly I’m going to bring, so without further ado let me get into it!


Black Legion Battalion
Abaddon- (WL) 240
Daemon Prince- Wings, Talons, Slaanesh 180
38 Cultists- Auto guns, Slaanesh 152
38 Cultists- Auto guns, Slaanesh 152
37 Cultists- CCW, pistol, Khorne 148
Thousand Sons Battalion
Ahriman 131
Daemon Prince- Wings, Talons 180
27 Tzangors- brayhorn 199
10 Cultists 40
10 Cultists 40
Death Guard Battalion
Typhus 175
Daemon Prince- Wings Talons 180
10 Pox Walkers 60
10 Pox Walkers 60
10 Pox Walkers 60

I chose this army for a few reasons. I wanted to use this as a testing ground for one of my potential ETC lists where I will be playing chaos. I also recognized that Adepticon’s missions heavily favor aggressive ob sec and victory point denial, so my list is really designed to optimize those two fronts. Lastly, the pox walkers were a relatively new addition. I’ve messed around with more pox walker-centric builds, but found they ultimately lacked the hitting power I needed. Then it occurred to me to just add a small pox walker contingent, so I’m not shoehorning myself into relying on their gimmick, whilst still giving me the potential to go insane with them opportunistically.

I also wanted to be sure my list could handle the more dominant forces in the meta. To that end I had to first determine what armies I could face.

Eldar- My LVO list is a great example, but other variants certainly exist. Nearly everything in that book is competitive, and after Eldar won Vegas, you can bet these will be present.

Tyranids– Specifically Flyrant spam. While it hasn’t really taken off in the US due to the ITC dominating the format for the first few months, this list has been crushing in Europe. Believe me, it is no joke.

Chaos- Cultists with tide, obliterators, princes and maybe a bloodletter bomb for flare. A very classic/traditional chaos army is definitely still prevalent enough in the meta to warrant consideration.

Death Guard– 6+ Plagueburst crawlers. While an army of a trillion flamers now featuring fall back and shoot may look horrible for me on paper, trust me when I say I expect it to be one of my easiest matches. That said, it’s still existent in the meta, so certainly worth mentioning.

Guard/BA/Custodes/Wolves etc…– This is less common, but it’s certainly common enough that you can’t ignore it. The more guard in the list, the tougher it’s going to be for me due to the Relic of Screw Chaos, but typically these types of armies feature minimal guard simply to unlock CP for another army.

And lastly the outliers- Pox walkers, Genestealers, Fire Raptor Spam, Shadowsword spam, Sisters, Tau, and Orks.


All of those armies are strong in their own rights, but typically aren’t seen often due to their lopsided match ups or people’s lack of access to certain models. In any case, while it’s entirely possible to get through a GT without playing against one of these, you need to at least be respectful of their existence.

With all that in mind, I kept tweaking and evolving the list above from a prior base list until I was happy enough with its match ups with respect to the missions. I plan on doing a future article set where I cover, in detail how to prep for a GT from beginning to end. But for now, that’s all you guys get.

Lastly, stay tuned on my facebook page: from Thursday-Sunday as I’ll  have a lot of facebook live streaming going on. I also finally got a tripod-esque device so hopefully no more shaky hand cam while I play, and I’ll be able to stream the entirety of my games.

Stay tuned for live streaming and let me know what you guys think of my list!

18 Comments on “And the Adepticon Winning List Is…

  1. Good luck sir! Thanks for the thought process in your list building.

  2. I’m chuckling at how Space Marines barely get a mention, definitely nothing from the Codex: Space Marine book worth mentioning (except to use Gulliman alongside your FW Raptors)

    • You just names 2 things. Both very good. Thats about all most books get if any for truly competitive lists.

  3. Good luck!

    Would you have chosen chaos soup if not for ETC?

    • If I was trying to be objective I think Eldar, Flyrants, or Chaos Soup all have what it takes currently

    • Guilliman gunlines aren’t bad, but I can’t see them really being a threat to something this mobile and dangerous

  4. Interesting that you didn’t include Fabius. I thought he is mandatory in a poxwalker list. Here in Germany/Europe evebody plays him to get those extra inches in movement and of course to buff your huge poxwalker blobb.
    Any specific reasons for that?

    • Ive tried him before, and also brim units to smite and auto kill themselves for the same purpose. Ultimately it just serves and more points to make your pox walkers slightly more aggressive, but in reality they’ll never kill anything anyway. I wanted to focus my list on more damage output on sources outside of pox walkers.

  5. Interesting indeed. Well, the best of luck to you sir. May the the wifi hold so you can provide a steady stream.

  6. So glad to see Abaddon here. You will be favored by Chaos! I am guessing the thousand sons cultists are ranged!? Any way looking forward the the stream and good luck sir!

  7. Really like the list and the tactic versatility the 14 cp will give you combined with 6 heavy hitters/ buffing characters/5 psykers. While going through the list I was thinking, “Oh a couple of small cheap pox walker units would be awesome in this one”. How come the BL DP is marked for Slaanesh? Planning to give him the Elixir? Keep posting on Fb so that we can all see how it goes! Best of luck!

  8. Congratulation. Too bad there were too many ‘spam’ lists on there.

  9. Congratulations, solid track record – looking forward to your Adepticon feedback, especially about tactics and hard match up for this list.

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