Necron Live Stream

Today I’ll be doing a live stream of new necrons on the brown magic premium Facebook page around 2:30pm EST which only members can see! To become a member please contact me at to subscribe for either 1 month for 9.99 or 3 months for 24.99.

Here’s the list I’ll be using.

Mephrit battalion
Cryptek- cloak 75
Overlord- voidscythe 104
10 warriors 120
10 warriors 120
9 immortals- Tesla 153
7 tomb blades- scope, shield, particle casters 203
8 tomb blades- scope, shield, gauss 296
6 destroyers 300

Novokh outrider
Destroyer lord- warscythe, phylactery (WL, void reaper) 131
3 wraiths 165
3 wraiths 165
3 wraiths 165

I’ll probably take either eternal madness against a tank heavy army or honorable combatant against a character army as the WL trait, failing that I’d either take enduring will or crimson haze.

I’m just testing out a lot of different concepts with this one, like the insane D lord, destroyers, MSU wraiths, large tomb blade squads, and my will be done Tesla immortals.

To learn more about becoming a member please check out my services page!

11 Comments on “Necron Live Stream

  1. Tau Liston stream:

    Tau sept
    Coldstar – HO burst, 2x burst, ats, tau jump relic, warlord (-1ap on 6s)
    Longstrike – ion, sms, 2x seeker

    3 stealth suits – drone controller
    Bursttide – sms, ats, target lock

    5 pathfinders – shield/grav drone
    2×4 marker drone

    2x ionhead- sms

    2 Farsight enclaves detachments

    2x fusion Coldstar – 1 pen chip

    5x 3 stealth suits – 2 shield drones between them
    Firesight marksman


    • Less than great. The list was ultimately unfocussed and not really synergistic. I learned a lot though, so the test was successful. I’m putting up a formal breakdown of takeaways later tonight on my Facebook Premium page


  2. The CCB is in a strange place where it tries to be both a destroyer lord and an overlord. I could see it having Value because it can fill both rolls at once, but only 3 attacks is really what keeps me from falling in love with it. I definitely need to see it in action before i can make a verdict


  3. Can the video be watch after the fact? (in oz so killed by time zones)


    • Yup, it’s on my Facebook premium page to be watched at any time. Same with my weekly Q&A sessions


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