Live Stream Challenge Match 4/15

What happens when an unstoppable force crashes into an old man? Find out Sunday when I play Mike Brandt in a 40k challenge match on live stream!

For those of you who don’t know who Mike is, he’s the founder and CEO of NOVA Open, one of the largest gaming conventions in America. He’s also not too shabby on the table either. Recently he just top 8’d LVO and he’s won many smaller GT’s in the past as well.

We’re going to be playing with the New NOVA missions, which I’ve actually never used, and Mike is developing. We’re also going to be playing in Casa de Brandt (Mike’s house) so he has all the home field advantages.

To toss another wrench into it, hopefully the new FAQ will be out by then, and if it is we will certainly be using it. So with that in mind, I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to be playing!

The match will be held on Sunday 4/15 and the time for the match is to be determined, but please check into The Brown Magic Facebook page for updates, and that’s where the stream will be held!

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