Introducing the New List Doctor

Hello ladies and gentlemen today is very special as it marks a day of expansion for the Brown Magic! Today I’ve brought Adepticon Champion, former ITC circuit champion, and literal doctor, Matt Root to help with list doctor services!

Due to an outstanding influx of list doctor requests lately Matt has graciously offered to help me with them. Matt’s 40k resume is nearly as impressive as mine, and who better to add to The Brown Magic team then the previous ITC champion and the only person to ever defeat me at Adepticon?


To give you some breakdowns on army and style specializations I’ve compiled a list of specialties where Matt and I differ to help you guys make decide who you want to seek help from.

Nick Matt
-Favors a passive/reactive style -Favors aggression and threat overload
-Enjoys janky assault moves and maneuverabilty -Favors brute force and hyper efficiency
-Very patient player -Hyper aggressive player
-Very finesse oriented -Human version of an Ork
Armies of Specialty Armies of Specialty
-All things Chaos -Orks
-Eldar -Chaos
-Tyranids -Tyranids
-Blood Angels -Dark Eldar

Now, of course both Matt and I are top tier 40k players, who are familiar with various styles, strategies, and armies. Simply because an army isn’t listed there, doesn’t mean we can’t help you! That’s simply to give you an idea of what we feel most comfortable with given the armies we’ve personally used the most.

Moving forward with any list doctor requests please consider which you prefer between Matt or myself, and welcome Matt to the team!

10 Comments on “Introducing the New List Doctor

  1. How long are yall wanting to absorb the faq before flooding the list doctors?

      • is Matt just doing doctor or will he do new list also?

      • He will also write new lists as well

  2. for me would just be interesting to know how play a decent chaos list right now,

  3. Matt, you better read up on the Necron codex, my Necrons sure needs some steroids.

  4. Will Matt be doing calls as well and/or will you both be on them?

    • Currently Matt is not doing calls but that may change in the future

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