Live Stream Eldar/Ynari vs DG/Daemons

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I have exciting news for you all! Tomorrow (Monday 4/23) at 6:30pm EST I will be playing against John Parsons in a live stream battle! This game will be streamed on The Brown Magic Premium, which is a members only facebook group. To learn more about the exclusive group, or to join click here! The battle will also be saved and recorded on the Premium member site for anyone who can’t watch it live but wants to watch it later!

We will playing with the new FAQ rules in a Nova style mission. Become a member and see if the newly nerfed Eldar can stand up to the newly buffed DG/Daemons! It should be a great game!

Just to add another teaser to it, here are our lists:

Nick Nanavati John Parsons
Aliatoc Battalion Deathguard Battalion
Farseer 110 Daemon Prince- wings, talons (WL) 180
Farseer 110 Necrosius 120
5 Rangers 60 Foul Blightspawn 77
5 Rangers 60 Biology Professor 74
5 Rangers 60 7 Plague Marines- 2 blight launchers, lots of knives 139
Wave Serpent 129 11 Cultists 44
Wave Serpent 129 11 Cultists 44
Bloat Drone- flamey flames 158
Mixed Supreme Command Bloat Drone- flamey flames 158
Spiritseer <biel tan> 65 Plagueburst Crawler- flamey flames 140
Spiritseer <aliatoc> 65 Plagueburst Crawler- flamey flames 140
Warlock <aliatoc> 55 Rhino- 2 CB


Chaos Daemon Supreme Command
Ynari Outrider Spoilpoc Scrivener 75
Cat Lady (WL) 132 Daemon Prince- Wings, Talons 180
Maugan Ra 140 Poxbringer 70
20 Guardians- 2 shuriken cannons <Ultwe> 190
9 Shining Spears- star lance <biel tan> 281 Daemon Auxillary
5 Swooping Hawks- Talon <biel tan> 68 9 Plaguedrones- icon, instrument 321
5 Swooping Hawks- Talon <biel tan> 68
8 Reapers- Tempest 277


11 Comments on “Live Stream Eldar/Ynari vs DG/Daemons

  1. Nice to see you are undeterred by the warlock and spiritseer price increases. Am I right to assume that the role of the Swooping Hawks is to deep strike in as secondary screens?

    I am surprised to see you make make the Spears Biel-Tan. Seems like Court of the Young King is far less effective than Warriors of the Raging Winds (especially without the Avatar), and off the top of my head I can’t think of another reason that the Craftworld would matter.

      • That would only require that the warlord in question have the right craftworld tag, and I don’t think either of the characters in that detachment (Maugan and Cat) is eligible. Cat lady is listed as the Warlord.

        I am also curious why the members of the supreme command detachment are mixed. I imagine Nick wants the biel-tan warlock to have the relic for an essential psychic power. It would seem to make sense to then make the other two biel-tan to get the craftworld power and make their shuriken pistols a touch better, but maybe making the others alaitoc keeps open the possibility of switching one of them to an alaitoc warlord if that is somehow advantageous.

      • Why would the warlord need to be in the same detachment?

      • Right, they wouldn’t; I should not have raised that point. But the key is that I didn’t think the Warlord would care what craftworld the Shining Spears came from – I don’t believe that affects their choice of Warlord trait. Unless there is a rule involving Ynnari warlords that I have missed.

      • They are BT so they can make the charge out of DS (with CP reroll if needed). and it mimics the effects of the autarch on them when they do. They can still go 32 inches plus charge of a quicken which is generally all you need. I had this internal debate when the FAQ drops and came to the same conclusion as Nick.

      • The warlord in an army that includes a Ynarri detachement has to be the Vraine, Visarch or Yncarne.

      • OK, that makes sense. +2″ makes a big difference for that 9″ charge.

        3 CP for webway and the BT power is pricey, though (4CP, really, as the guardians webway too). 1 CP could let you move+advance+quicken with SH power to just get anywhere, starting on the table. But I guess its worth a lot to keep them off the table until you want. Probably Nick plays it so nothing but Wave Serpents and Rangers is available to shoot at on turn 1.

  2. How did the game go? Would you make any changes on the list? Curious as to why 2 wave serpents instead of 1 serpent and a autarch on bike? 129 vs 125.

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