Nick Nanavati vs Mike Brandt: Part 2

Back for more I see? In today’s retold story of the epic struggle between red plastic army men vs green plastic army men I cover turns 2 and 3 of my game with Mike. If you missed all the pregame nonsense and turn 1, please go back catch that here so this game makes sense contextually. Turns 2 and 3 are when the game really started to heat up and things got interesting, so without further ado…

Turn 2 saw me try to create a points disparity between me and Mike.

I felt pressure to act because Mike’s mortars were going to slowly chip my nurglings away to deny my tertiaries and I couldn’t keep pace in the fire fight. Additionally, Mike’s sentinels were going to continue getting him recon points, while my secondaries were all centered around killing things, so I had to make a move.


-My nurglings secured 2 more tertiary points for me

-The berzerkers on the right got out and moved towards the guard on the hill. I then cast prescience and warp time on them from Ahriman (who stayed out of deny range of Mephy) to make the charge automatic, and more importantly, get them within 12″ of the red objective secured unit on the board edge so I could declare them as a charge target.

-I brought their rhino back to help screen my back field from the Smash Captain. Again,the pic doesn’t accurately represent my screening, but the back field was properly screened from Mr. Hammerpants.

-I started making more of a push onto the left side of the field, because I figured once the berzerkers do their thing on the right, that half of the board can be ignored for the remainder of the game, as I’d be better off completely dominating the left half after removing Mike’s potential for a tertiary point and leveraging the fact he already missed a potential secondary in the form of first strike.

-My general strategy after seeing how Mike played first turn quickly turned into nickel and diming him for a small but significant point lead. This would in turn pressure him into making overly aggressive moves to close the gap, which I could then further capitalize upon.

-In the assault phase I charged the 10 guardsmen right in front of me, 3 mortars, and the 10 red guardsmen in the back. I was also very deliberate to keep them out of 12″ of the shield captains during my initial charge move, because getting counter charged by them is a one way trip to sadsville. I split my attacks so that 3 guys swung onto the mortars and 5 swung on the 10 guard for the initial fight. The plan was, that would be enough to kill them, then on the second fight activation I’d be able to pile into the 10 objective secured guardsmen in the back and kill them, locking Mike out of scoring that tertiary anymore. Well, as all plans in 40k go, it didn’t work. Mike showed the true skill in 40k and passed 6/11 6+ saves for his mortar team to survive with one wound left. Consequentially, I had to use my entire second fight activation to put 300 wounds on the one remaining mortar, then spend 3CP to fight again to kill 10 whole guardsmen because they were objective secured and my entire turn hinged on them dying.


-Mike’s turn 2, he didn’t actually score any progressive points because my berzerkers cleared him off the objective which he was previously holding. He was also only able to capture 1 objective with his scouts.

-Similarly, since I tossed my zerkers into one of his ob sec units he was only able to capture 1 tertiary point.

-He swung 2 shield captains over to dismantle my berzerkers on the right hand side, and he brought his 3rd to the middle to be reactive as needed.

-On the left he started to finally make the push with his tauroxes (the picture is a little generous to how far they could move, but you get the idea).

-Mike almost disembarked the 30 guardsmen from the tauroxes to better defend that portion of the board, but ultimately decided against it, because they would’ve just been vaporized. Mike’s plan was to wait me out and try get me to overextend with my offensive potential so he could capitalize on that, which is why he was considering disembarking. He also felt a lot of pressure to act because he knew he was falling behind the points race. But with sine excellent generalship, he decided to stick to his guns and just hang tight for another turn.

Remember how my plan was to get him to be overly aggressive by creating a points disparity, so I could further dig him into a hole? This was him not falling for it.

-Mike also finished up my cutlists, since I decided not to tide them last turn, and thanks to some very hot mortars he was able to blow away both nurgling units- locking me out of my tertiary for the rest of the game.

Here’s the score after turn 2

Nick Mike
End Game Objectives Progressive objectives 0
Moment of Bloodshed 1 Recon 2
Cull the Hordes 1 Old School 0
Head Hunter 0 Moment of Bloodshed 1
Tertiary Nurglings 2 Tertiary 10 infantry 1
Tertiary Nurglings 2 Tertiary 5 Scouts 2
Total 6 Total 6


-Turn 3 is when I went for Mike’s throat, and tried to seal the deal.

-In the back field I ran out of screening units so I gave one prince (the ont on the hill) a 3++ and through him out to the smash captain. On average he shouldn’t die so I felt like it was more bait than anything else.

-The berzerkers disembarked from the rhino and into the building. Ahriman then cast warp time on them again and prescience to make the charge automatic, and to get within 12″ of all of Mike’s characters. The plan here was to demolish the ob sec scout unit and the 1 infantry unit out in front, then use my second and third fight activation to gut all the squishy guard characters. More on that later.

-The rhino that the zerkers disembarked from did the classic shuffle and bumped into 3 different Tauroxes to keep them from shooting in the following turn.

-The bloat drones just went to work on crowd control.

-In the fight phase, I was able to quickly dispatch the guard unit and scout unit. Then in my second fight activation I engaged stracken and 1 commander. I put 6 dudes on straken and 3 dudes on the commander. To be clear this was 4 attacks each, hitting on 2s, triggering exploding 5s, and I vets them so they’d wound on 2s. Stracken had to take like 21 5+ saves or something. And of course, he lived. So that was lovely. I then had to use my 3rd fight to finish stracken and kill 2more commanders. So in total it wasn’t terrible, I killed stracken, and 3 commanders, leaving Mike with a priest and 2 more commanders. But, if I managed to kill all of them, the whole flank would’ve been far less of a pain to manage in the future.



So, despite some god-tier saves from Mike, I was still commanding the game. We had both traded our tertiary units, but I was able to get 1 more point out of mine than Mike was from his. I also denied Mike first strike, so that’s a secondary he could just never achieve. On the progressive objective front, I’ve been dominating the board, so Mike was only able to score 1 point this turn.

-Mike disembarked the Guardsmen, and tried to take shots on my berzerkers, and princes as he could. Every wound counts I guess. Then he charged them into my Dark Apostle to try and trap me in combat to survive the oncoming bloat drones. One unit failed its charge, while the other made it, but lost 3 guys to the apostle in combat.

-The Tauroxes all fell back into different directions to ensure I couldn’t rhino slide them again, and for good measure, a sentinel charged my rhino too.

-Mephiston went to town on the berzerkers with smite and blood boil (who even takes that) then charged in with him and the commanders, but finally he had a turn of whiff city and somehow 3 berzerkers survived and chopped up the 2 remaining commanders. Unfortunately, the brave zerkers who could ran away after all that and died.

-The world’s fastest shield captain raced across the table and made a 9″ charge into Ahriman. I used my last CP to reroll a save for Ahriman to keep him alive with 1 wound left. Ahriman, being the smite factory he is, seemed really important to me at this juncture of the game as Mike just had tough targets left for the most part.

-The shield captain who could went for the charge on the 3++ prince. He made me take 4 invuls, of which I failed 3 and promptly died. Yeah, that was average…. Also he was my Warlord so Mike got a free point there.

-On the other half of the board, Mike just moved his captains about and stood on objectives.

Here’s the score after Mike’s turn 3.

Nick Mike
End Game Objectives Progressive objectives 1
Moment of Bloodshed 2 Recon 3
Cull the Hordes 3 Old School 1
Head Hunter 4 Moment of Bloodshed 2
Tertiary Nurglings 2 Tertiary 10 infantry 1
Tertiary Nurglings 2 Tertiary 5 Scouts 2
Total 13 Total 10

As you can see, my plan is still working, as I’ve successfully nickeled and dimed Mike for a lead in points. Not only that, but all my objectives are to be scored at the end of the game, whereas Mike has already missed some of his opportunities to rack up points on his primary.

The game is entering the grindy phase, Were’ both almost down to vehicles and characters. Check back in on Tuesday to see if Mike can make a comeback from this one!

6 Comments on “Nick Nanavati vs Mike Brandt: Part 2

  1. These AARs and accompanying graphics are very useful in seeing exactly how you two played the game and understanding the tactics involved. Much clearer than what can be seen in video format.

    Keep up the good work! Might even help me become semi-competitive 😉

  2. do u think a kind of chaos list like that can perform well in actual meta? what about against eldars and tau for example, ty

  3. Since the Tactical Reserve ruling came down, I’m shelving my Blood Letter bomb list (it sucked already). Now, reading this, I like that I do have like 14 or so Berserkers in my collection.

    But Carlos Kaiser thinks I’ll be well off with a BaneKnife/Shadow Cutlass A.M. list. Whachu think, Nick?
    Team BeerHammer

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  5. This is a really exciting game. I’m in awe how the both of you are able to hold back and then strike at the right opportunity. This is something i struggle with and in many games pay the consequenses for.

    Board control and screening is also something I pay close attention to. It’s so easy to get tempted by something so that you leave gaps in your lines.

    Thanks for an amazing 2/3 of an battle report.

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