Nick Nanavati Vs Tubby Eldar/Ynari vs Tyranids Sunday 5/6 3pm EST

This Sunday I’ll be playing Dallas Raptor aka Tubby, with my Eldar/Ynari list vs his Tyranids. Dallas has been a die hard Tyranid player for years and has literally only played them through 8th edition. . Dallas has top 16’d Nova multiple times, and has one done very well at LVO and the Nova Invitational in years past as well. In fact, I’ve actually lost to him the last 3-4 times we’ve played. He knows his Nids like the back of his hand, so this is sure to be a great game

Check it out on The Brown Magic Premium Sunday May 6th at 3pm EST. For more information on The Brown Magic Premium and how to become a member click here

Watch how Tyrands and Eldar fair in the post-FAQ world, when two consistently high placing tournament players duke it out! We will be playing  a randomly determined ITC mission with ITC terrain.

Stay tuned for more information, and in the meantime here are our lists!

Nick Nanavati Tubby Tyranids
Aliatoc Battalion Kraken Battalion
Warlock 55 Hive Tyrant- wings, 2 devourers 218
Warlock 55 Hive Tyrant- wings, 2 devourers 218
5 Rangers 60 19 Genestealers- 4 acid maws 228
5 Rangers 60 19 Genestealers- 4 acid maws 228
5 Rangers 60 28 Hormigaunts 33
Wave Serpent- cannons 129
Wave Serpent- cannons 129 Kraken Vanguard
Swarmlord 300
Mixed Supreme Command 6 Hive Guard 288
Farseer <aliatoc> 110 6 Hive Guard 288
Farseer <aliatoc> 110 3 Venomthropes 90
Spiritseer <biel tan> 65
Ynari Outrider
Cat Lady 132
5 Hawks <biel tan> 60
5 Hawks <biel tan> 60
5 Hawks <biel tan> 60
9 Shining Spears- star lance <biel tan> 281
9 Shining Spears- star lance <saim hann> 281
8 Dark Reapers- tempest launcher <aliatoc> 277

11 Comments on “Nick Nanavati Vs Tubby Eldar/Ynari vs Tyranids Sunday 5/6 3pm EST

  1. I’m kinda sad to see the blob of Guardians go from your last list. Can I ask why you aren’t taking the ultwe warlord trait to farm CP?

    • Cat lady has to be warlord for soul burst

  2. Hi! Wich powers use in your warlocks, spiritseer and farseer? And why is the spirit seer from biel tan?

  3. Usually the farseers go doom/guide/executioner/fortune – if eldrad then add will of asuryan (its great to unlock +1 cast train)
    Warlocks protect-jynx(double up) need both spells, plus warlocks blow up on pearls easily so need a backup warlock. /conceal-reveal
    spiritseer biel tan is for biel tan relic-spirit stone of anath’lan- for that reroll on quicken (very important)

    • So, can you cast protect and jinx in the same psychic phase? And another question, if Yvraine has to be your warlord, how can you choose a relic from craftworld codex?

      Thank you so much for your answers!

      • Protect and jinx are separate powers, yup! You can buy a relic with the strat, you just don’t get a free one

  4. Where do all these psychers/catlady end up in deployment, do they just all pile in to the transports? I was just wondering how the transports are used in these cookie cutter eldar lists(I don’t ever see fire dragons or dire avengers in these lists which is what I am used to wave serpents handling). I presume they are for protecting the reapers occasionally, but there are two serpents, not one.

    BTW this website has been a great resource, thanks a lot Nick.

    • The serpents protect the reapers and give a place for characters to go turn 1. They reduce my drop count from like 20 to 11 or something silly to help me get the +1 for first. After that, they just bump into stuff obnoxiously to act as speed bumps and screens and their serpent shield can be surprisingly clutch

  5. Hey
    What was the outcome
    I love my nids but curious how the list went?
    Got list submission due today for a tournament next weekend all the way on western australua . considering a some sort of combo of swarmy genestealers and hive guard the tournament has many boards which are planet que ball tho =(

    • Kraken battalion
      2×19 stealers
      19 hormigaunts

      Kraken Vanguard
      6 hive guard
      3 hive guard
      3 venomthropes

      That list needed the big line of sight blockers to work though.

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