Live Debate Nick Nanavati vs Matt Root 5/13 4:00pm EST

This Sunday Nick Nanavati will be debating Matt Root LIVE on The Brown Magic Premium!

The debate will be held over facebook live for premium subscribers to watch live, so they can interact with us as we debate, and it will be saved onto the premium page for future your future viewing pleasure!

It will be held Sunday, May 13th at 4:00pm EST.

The topic(s) of the debate will be chosen by Brown Magic Premium Subscribers! That’s right, premium subscribers can actively post over the next couple of days what they would like us to debate upon, and we will pick the most interesting or controversial topics to debate upon.

But wait, there’s more! Premium subscribers can also vote upon who they think won the debate! Premium subscribers can literally determine the topic of the debate and the winner!

This idea was inspired by the fact that Matt and I have vastly different views of what works and why in competitive 40k at times, and clearly both of our ideas have legitimacy. Let’s find out what makes each of us tick, and how we think!

To subscribe to The Brown Magic Premium and take part in the first ever live streamed competitive 40k debate please visit the services page!

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