The Brown Magic Goes to an RTT

Tomorrow I’ll be going to an RTT at The Only Game in Town in Somerville NJ. Classic 2k, ITC format with solid terrain. I’ve been going back and forth all week about what to play.

I could play Eldar for ETC practice, which would probably be the smart move, but also the boring one.

I could play Chaos because I miss them. They’re strong, but I don’t need to really practice Chaos for anything.

I could play pure Ad Mech, but the odds of me doing well are much lower and I do like winning.

I could go on a rampant borrowing spree and come up with something out of left field overnight, but that requires a lot of work acquiring models.

Decisions, decisions…

So I did what all great 40k players do in moments of critical decision making. I rolled a die! And the winner was…. Chaos!

Thousand Sons Supreme command
Ahriman 131
Daemon Prince- Wings, Talons (WL) 180
Daemon Prince- Wings, Talons 180
Magnus 445
Alpha Legion Battalion
Chaos Lord- combi bolter, <slanesh> 76
Sorcerer- slanesh, force sword, 98
9 Noise Marines- 9 Sonic Blasters 171
9 Khorne Berzerkers- chain axes, chain swords 153
38 Shooty Cultists- slanesh 152
10 Cultists <slanesh> 40
10 Cultists <slanesh> 40
Rhino- 2 Combi Bolters <slanesh> 74
Rhino- 2 Combi Bolters <slanesh> 74
Helldrake- baleflamer <slanesh> 185

I’ll be doing some facebook live streaming on the brown magic facebook page, so be sure to check it out throughout the day!



8 Comments on “The Brown Magic Goes to an RTT

  1. hello is that really a competitive list or just a casual list?

  2. Na not fluffy enough lol. Magnus and ahriman hate each other.

    Very different list

  3. What psychic powers are you running? And what are your thoughts on obliterators? I’ve had great experience with them!

  4. The chaos lord is meant to accompany the zerkers I guess. Why not a dark apostle? For flexibility if you need to use him with the noise guys?

  5. how so? why the kraken hard counter that list?

  6. Definitely not hard countered by kraken, but I did lose to tyranids.

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