Whether you’re just a beginner trying to go to his first tournament or a seasoned veteran trying to take down a GT I can help you.

Not really a tournament player? Just looking to improve your fluffy Inquisition army so you don’t lose every game you play? I can help with that too. My services range from improvements to help list functionality to to total list design, to full coaching to suit nay of your needs!

List Doctor $14.99

This is a list consultation. Here you can expect an in depth look at your list and the unit choices you made. Depending on the level of player I will either offer a rewritten list, or I will offer some simple alternative unit choices and basic strategies for how it should all work together. This is for either relatively new players who are looking for some general improvement on their list to point them in the right direction, or for more experienced tournament players who are looking to perfect their lists.
Add to cart: List Doctor $14.99


New List From Scratch $14.99

I will write a list for you from scratch. If you want to start a new army and just have no idea where to begin, I will give you a shell to build towards. Likewise, if you have an upcoming tournament with an unfamiliar format this is a great way to help optimize your list for that event. This is for people new to competitive 40k and don’t really know what competitive 40k looks like, or for people who want to build for a specific tournament.

Add to cart: New List From Scratch $14.99


Personal Call $19.99

This is a 25 minute phone call or skype call with me. We can talk about your list, my thoughts on how to handle specific match ups, or how to just generally play your list better. This is personalized premium advice and there is no limit on how advanced or basic the advice will be, it will all be tailored to you.  This is for anyone who wants to just understand 40k better to any degree. From beginners, to GT players to ETC players, this is adaptable enough for anyone!

Add to cart: Personal Call $19.99

***For the List Doctor and New List From Scratch and Personal Call services, I’ve recently brought in Matt Root to the Brown Magic Team. Matt is a highly accomplished 40k player. When you have a list reviewed it may be reviewed by either me or Matt, depending on what we feel is the best fit for you. We do accommodate specific requests should you prefer one of us to the other specifically. To learn more about Matt click here!

List and Call $29.99

I will write a list for you from scratch or work with you to improve an existing list you already have, and then we will have a 25 minute skype or phone call to go over the play style of the list and the tactical tricks and nuances the the list has afterwards. This is a combination of the New List From Scratch/List Doctor Service and the Personal Call service at a discounted combo rate!

Add to cart: List and Call $29.99

The Brown Magic Premium $9.99/month or 24.99/3 months

Gain access to The Brown Magic Premium Facebook Page where you can access members only premium content. This is a private forum to discuss competitive 40k only with like minded individuals who also want to get better. In this section I will have weekly facebook live session where you can join and ask me whatever questions you may have. I also make a monthly post compiling the top 3-5 “meta” lists to help you keep up with what you can expect to see at a tournament. You will also have access to battle reports and live streams which are only viewable on the premium content page. You will also see a different featured list of the week which will contain a breakdown of how and why it works. Finally, you will also be entered into a monthly giveaway raffle to win a random box of GW product!
Subscribe for $9.99/Month
Subscribe for $24.99/3 Months


Personalized Battle Report $149.99 or $174.99

You can actually send me any list you want and have me play it! I will send you videos and pictures of me playing it, and explaining the choices I’m making and why. This is a premium personalized battle report tailored specifically for you. The first price is for a battle report, pictures, videos, and a choice/game breakdown against any army and fomat I choose. The latter price is for the same level of content but against a specific enemy army in a specific format or mission of your choosing.


*Disclaimer*  Due to limited access to models, depending on ths list chosen for the battle report I may be forced to use proxies. I will do my best to make it easy to follow, but please understand I do not own every model in 40k.

Add to cart: “Personalized Battle Report – Any Format” $149.99
Add to cart: “Personalized Battle Report – Specific Format” $174.99


40k Coaching Package $299.99

What you get for this is the best 40k GT prep service there is. For 3 months I will work with you to build and evolve a list as the meta evolves.  I will work with you to help teach you tactics and strategies to master the list.  I will give you the most current an relevant meta analysis there is, so you can stay on top of your game. You will get access to my personal messenger for more dynamic and frequent communications. This package also includes up to one 25 minute call a week to review your progress and help stay up to date on your needs. You will also get free access to  The Brown Magic Premium members only facebook page for the duration of the coaching period. This is for anyone who wants to exponentially grow as a 40k player and really see improvement in their game.

Add to cart: 40k Coaching Package $299.99

How it works: If you decide you want to take advantage of one of my services just go right ahead and purchase it off the site here! After that you’ll need to contact me so we can work out specifics involving your purchase. You can email me at and we can work out the details! If you purchase the FB premium, instead of emailing you can just go onto facebook and search for the group “The Brown Magic Premium” then request access. Assuming all is good with the payment I’ll add you as soon as I can!

***Disclaimer*** My services in no way, shape, or form guarantee an increase in win percentage, how you do in a certain game, or how you place at an event. There are many external factors outside the scope of my services which I have no control over and cannot be held responsible for your performance.


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