It’s finally time folks! I, Nick Nanavati, the Hunter of Trolls, King of Finlandia, Champion of Adepticon, Breaker of Models, Drinker of Drinks, and Lord of 40k, am here to help you git gud.

The Brown Magic is a constantly evolving platform for Warhammer 40k tactics, strategies, army lists, battle reports, and so much more.

Mission Statement:  I want to bring high quality competitive Warhammer strategies and tactics to you. From beginners to top level players, I want to help the Warhammer community grow.


My name is Nick Nanavati and I’m an avid competitive Warhammer 40k player.

Some of my greatest accomplishments to date:

  • 4-time Adepticon Tournament Champion
  • 6 Consecutive years of representing America at the European Team Championship
  • 2-time Nova Invitational Winner
  • LVO 2018 Tournament Champion
  • 2017 ITC Champion

Here at The Brown Magic you can expect a consistent stream of articles covering all sorts of 40k knowledge.

I will also start offering classes online (both public and private) for some more direct and pertinent 40k knowledge to suit your individual needs.

Additionally you can expect a podcast to come out in the near future hosted by yours truly, featuring many special guests such as Sean Nayden and Andrew Gonyo (some really accomplished players in the hobby).

As the platform grows and evolves you will start to see live streaming of high quality competitive 40k games, followed by truncated synopses recapping the battles. Not only that, but you can expect many shorter videos detailing specific tactics, deployments, and strategies for Warhammer 40k.

These are just some of the many projects The Brown Magic is working on and as it grows many more ideas and evolutions will come.

My goal is to have The Brown Magic become the premier platform and central hub for competitive 40k. I want to grow the Warhammer community by channeling my love for competitive 40k into something that can help players across the world become better.

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